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Thursday, September 07, 2006

P.E. - No longer physical education

Public Embarrassment. That's what it is now.

In today's high school P.E. classes, you are pretty much forced to perform sport tasks that you may not be up to handling. Example: soccer. You're "dribbling" the ball across the gym, practicing your skills, then you trip and bust your knee on the floor. Do either of your P.E. teachers ask if you're OK? No. Are helped? No. You just get back up and are forced to keep going.

I've been told...you have to do tumbling later on in the term. Yes, tumbling. Running and jumping up and tumbling over a balance beam. Yeah, gymnastics. What will they do when they get a kid who can't do it...and they force them...and they end up with a kid who has just broken their neck? I'm not joking. Gymnasts are trained for years to do that. You can't just get a kid to change their clothes, come out on a gym, and do it. It takes years of training to do gymnastics.

What about suicides? Suicides are just the word for it. Technically they're called agilities but many call them suicides because, by the time you're done, you feel like you're almost dead. It's basically non-stop running with many tricks and stunts mixed in. Not easy stuff.

So let me say this: I hate P.E. class and I'm just looking to pass it and forget about it...even if I do almost die trying.

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