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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Setting The Bar Too High

Imagine this.

A girl sits in calculus class at her rural high school. The rooms and halls that surround her contain over 800 other kids. She barely passed Algebra her freshman year. She made it through Geometry. She's a junior now. She's staring at a worksheet in Calculus. It's not processing. She can't process it. It's just ink on paper to her. She can't get it to process, no formula comes to mind. She's drawn a blank. They've set the bar too high.

This is happening in today's high schools. They're setting the bar too high. The bar is so high, that only the elite, straight-A, 4.0 average students can jump it. The average student can't jump this bar, and if they do, it's only by the skin of their teeth.

They're making kids take courses they'll never need unless they go into a certain field of work. Who needs three math credits unless you're going to be an engineer? If you're going to be a farmer I doubt you'll need calculus.

It's ignorant of today's high schools to assume we're all going to college. No. We're NOT all going to college. We're NOT all going to get a higher education. A LOT of us are going to be pure hardknocks who make a living out of our own pure blood, sweat, and tears. When we could be taking electives that have more to do with what we plan on doing, we're being forced to take courses that we know we'll most likely not need in our career paths.

They've set the bar so high that we average (and below-average) kids can't even meet it, let alone jump it and make it to the other side.

I wonder if it ever crosses the minds of the people who set the bar that so many kids drop out because they've made it too hard to finish. I wonder how it makes them feel.


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