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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who are you to define me?

Oh my gosh, I'm, like, TOTALLY a poser!

OK, not really. But...

If I wear a skirt and a cute little top, while listening to Christina Aguilera, I'm a poser prep.

If I were to wear a pair of pants with chains and an Atreyu shirt, I'd be a poser goth.

If I were to wear funky printed pants, five hundred different colors in my hair, and listen to the Sex Pistols, I'd be a poser punk.

If I were to buy a skateboard, wear Adio, Etnies, DCs, and listen to AFI, I'd be a poser skater.

If I were to wear baggy pants, a South Pole tee shirt and walk around listening to Tupac all day, I'd be a poser thug/gangsta.

If I were to wear thick-rimmed glasses, listen to Taking Back Sunday, and have the flippy thingy in my hair, I'd be a poser emo kid.

If I were to walk around in work boots all day, with ripped up jeans, and a Rebel flag tee shirt listening to Alan Jackson, I'd be a poser redneck.

So...what exactly am I supposed to be? Look at my wardrobe. Look at my CD collection. Look at my lyrics...my artwork...my poetry...and try to define me. You know what? You'll find out that you can't. You can't place me in one label due to what I wear, what I listen to, what I write. You just can't label me. I'm not a can of soup. I'm not a pair of jeans. You can't label me!!!

Anything that I am, I'd be a poser. But what exactly is a poser? When you get into that kinda stuff, whether it be goth, punk, skater, thug, redneck, emo...what exactly defines the true ones and a poser? I am who I am. And if I'm everything one can imaginably, fathomly be, then so be it. Who says I have to fit one label? Who says my playlist on the computer cannot consist of Tim McGraw, AFI, KRS-One, and White Zombie? Who says I can't wear the skirt one day and the baggy jeans the next? Who says I'm not allowed to learn how to skateboard?

In other words...WHO ARE YOU TO


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