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Thursday, June 08, 2006


OK, this women OFFICIALLY annoys me. I can't stand her. Sure, she may be pretty, sure she may be hot, sure she may be blonde, and rich, and Nicole Richie's ex-best friend, but I don't care. She annoys me. She's a celebutant - basically, famous for being famous. She's never done anything to deserve fame. And her new music? Please honey. You already ruined my magazines, television, and P2P networks, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't invade my CD player too!

More advice for Paris: enough pink. Pink this, pink that. The color pink is so boring for a girl. Now when a guy wears it, that's another story. That's being bold. When you wear it, it makes me want to vomit.

My cousin my be one of her biggest fans, but me? I can't stand her. I never hated anyone...so I don't hate Paris...but I really can't stand her. She's too annoying. Maybe I've overused the word "annoying" here, but you get the picture. And as if Paris is a real role model anyway? Yeah, right, a role model for who? FUTURE "VIVID" ENTERTAINERS?!?!

Most of you Paris lovers are gonna be like, "You're just jealous." Well, maybe I am jealous of the size-0-pretty-in-pink-oh-so-blonde Paris, just a TINY little bit, but I still despise her, tiny jealousy factor or not.

Now, back to "Lovespring International"...something actually WORTH watching.


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