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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Gas prices

This crap is OUTRAGEOUS. The other day, a good friend of mine was telling me that he paid a visit to the pump (one that he dreads, being a young driver on an income that isn't exactly $100,000 a year, but nonetheless must inevitably make) and between the time he got his gas and came out from paying for it, it had went down seven cents. Then raised ten cents by that evening! The average here being $2.85 a gallon, it's so expensive. Ten years ago, I'd say a gallon of gas was about 99 cents a gallon, give or take. Not too bad for the year 1996. Some may blame the government. My personal opinion? It's you. The consumer. Supply and demand, anyone? It was taught in third grade. Think back. The more you use, the more it will cost. The less you use, the less it costs. And it's the companies' faults too. Come on...Sheetz, Exxon, Chevron, Marathon, Shell...they all make a profit off the gas they sell. They can't just sell it for free. They can't just truck it in from the refineries into their stations and not pay the drivers who do drive for miles on end with about 10,000 gallons of extremely explosive liquid on their tail end, right? Another factor is the price of crude oil by the gallon. As it goes up, gas goes up. As it goes down, gas goes down. The profit a company has to make, etc. How much gas are you using? Even the air pressure in your tires can affect how much gas your vehicle is guzzling! I suppose you could blame the government all you want. But make sure you consider all the factors before taking that stance.

Here is a list of things YOU could do to use less gas:

1. Carpool. This idea has been around for years on end. You and three of your friends going out to dinner? Carpool. It saves on gas, and in turn saves money. Four people can comfortably fit into a sedan. Maybe five is the three riding in the backseat are small, but that's another can of worms.
2. Walk if conditions allow it. If you're just going to the museum down the street, walking is wonderful. If it's a beautiful day, you not only reap the rewards of saving on gas, but you also get to enjoy a great day. Even if it's raining, invest a few bucks in an umbrella. Instead of paying for a gallon of gas, buy an umbrella and WALK!
3. Give your car a tune-up. A well-running car will most definitely be more efficient on gas than a car that is in not-so-well condition.
4. Take advantage of public transporation/mass transit. If you live in a metropolitan area, you can use the subway, bus, or hey, if ya live in San Francisco, take a streetcar! This is a great way to save on gas!
5. Over all, just be concious of how much gas you are using. I mean, don't go anywhere you don't HAVE to go. Do you REALLY need that manicure that's a 15 mile drive away when you could just look up directions on the internet to give yourself a manicure in your own home? Besides, doing things like this yourself can be so much more fun! :-)


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