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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Decided To Not Complain About School Anymore

I've decided to complain about something else.

I just don't know what yet.

If anyone has any ideas on what I should complain about next, please contact me. :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

P.E. - No longer physical education

Public Embarrassment. That's what it is now.

In today's high school P.E. classes, you are pretty much forced to perform sport tasks that you may not be up to handling. Example: soccer. You're "dribbling" the ball across the gym, practicing your skills, then you trip and bust your knee on the floor. Do either of your P.E. teachers ask if you're OK? No. Are helped? No. You just get back up and are forced to keep going.

I've been told...you have to do tumbling later on in the term. Yes, tumbling. Running and jumping up and tumbling over a balance beam. Yeah, gymnastics. What will they do when they get a kid who can't do it...and they force them...and they end up with a kid who has just broken their neck? I'm not joking. Gymnasts are trained for years to do that. You can't just get a kid to change their clothes, come out on a gym, and do it. It takes years of training to do gymnastics.

What about suicides? Suicides are just the word for it. Technically they're called agilities but many call them suicides because, by the time you're done, you feel like you're almost dead. It's basically non-stop running with many tricks and stunts mixed in. Not easy stuff.

So let me say this: I hate P.E. class and I'm just looking to pass it and forget about it...even if I do almost die trying.

Next entry's topic: setting the math bar too high.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Setting The Bar Too High

Imagine this.

A girl sits in calculus class at her rural high school. The rooms and halls that surround her contain over 800 other kids. She barely passed Algebra her freshman year. She made it through Geometry. She's a junior now. She's staring at a worksheet in Calculus. It's not processing. She can't process it. It's just ink on paper to her. She can't get it to process, no formula comes to mind. She's drawn a blank. They've set the bar too high.

This is happening in today's high schools. They're setting the bar too high. The bar is so high, that only the elite, straight-A, 4.0 average students can jump it. The average student can't jump this bar, and if they do, it's only by the skin of their teeth.

They're making kids take courses they'll never need unless they go into a certain field of work. Who needs three math credits unless you're going to be an engineer? If you're going to be a farmer I doubt you'll need calculus.

It's ignorant of today's high schools to assume we're all going to college. No. We're NOT all going to college. We're NOT all going to get a higher education. A LOT of us are going to be pure hardknocks who make a living out of our own pure blood, sweat, and tears. When we could be taking electives that have more to do with what we plan on doing, we're being forced to take courses that we know we'll most likely not need in our career paths.

They've set the bar so high that we average (and below-average) kids can't even meet it, let alone jump it and make it to the other side.

I wonder if it ever crosses the minds of the people who set the bar that so many kids drop out because they've made it too hard to finish. I wonder how it makes them feel.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I Hate The News

I hate the news. It's too depressing. All they ever give you is bad news. Birdflu this, Hezbollah that. I'm sick of it. The only reason I ever watch national news programs is because my grandparents do and it's their home, I'm not going to make them watch what I want to watch.

But in all honesty, I do desperately hate the news. I hate hearing bad news. I'm a product of the iGeneration. All I've ever heard is bad news, whether it was the Gulf war, the possible impeachment of a president, a terrorist attack on my home turf, or 10,000 wars going on at once in just one region of the world - it's so sad. Wait. I take that back. I'd much rather hear about politicians' troubles than about war and suffering.

At least when I read the news paper, I can skip the bad news sections and go straight to the movie, music, and book reviews and entertainment news. On the news, you can't fast-forward. You can only sit there and watch, or change the channel.

The only news show I truly enjoy is "Today." At least they mix fashion, entertainment, and cooking in with the occasional mention of heads getting blown off in Oogibukkioglistan.

With all do respect to all the great newscasters of the past, the present, and the future - I hate the news.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why This Woman Quite Possibly Annoys Me More Than Paris - And Here's Why

Talent? A good bit. Beauty? I guess you could say that. Annoying factor? 300 PERCENT.

No doubt Mariah Carey has talent...even though I believe she's worn some of it down to the grind over the years, so "The Voice" isn't what it used to be...in fact, in my opinion, it's no where NEAR what it used to be. She's a pretty woman. I can't deny her that (as much as I'd like to).

My problem with her is how she acts. Mariah Carey is 36 years old. Why in the Hell does she act like she wants to be 16 again? With her, almost nothing is mature. Her music used to be. Now it's just her whining about how she wants her love back...like some little 16-year-old who just broke up with her boyfriend. Why can't she write stuff like "There's Got To Be A Way" anymore??? Instead, it's all about partying and breaking up. That's it. So pretty much all she says anymore in her music is, "I'm gonna party 'cause It's Like That but I wish you were with me 'cause We Belong Together even though I know I gotta Shake It Off I just wanna tell you one thing and that's Don't Forget About Us but everytime I see ya in the club I think one of us should just Say Somethin'!"

Come on Mariah! Write something respectable!!!

Now, to "The Voice." Yes, we know she's still a pretty decent singer, and although she may not be able to hit A2 or G7 anymore, she can still hit some pretty extreme lows and some pretty extreme highs. (I'm guessing the tessitura of her range nowadays to lie somewhere between C3-C7 - still pretty decent four octaves.) But remember when her high notes actually served a purpose in the music - like in "Dreamlover"? She sung them to compliment the melody - they actually blended with the melody. In "Fantasy" she sung one at the beginning and it blended well with the melody. Now it seems as though she randomly rips out her high notes just to prove she can still do them. Now it's as if they serve hardly any purpose in the song - she's just trying to give us proof that "The Voice" is still there, and while yes, it may very well be, no one can deny that it's changed. A lot. She used to have a very strong sound, a very solid alto sound. Now her voice is very whispery, somewhat nasally, and it tends to crack a lot. What's the deal? All those years of pulling off the very extremes of both ends of her range have done damage that may or may not be repairable. To me though, range isn't all there is to singing. Mariah still has a good singing voice. She doesn't need to scream at us to prove it. That just makes it look worse on her part.

Next: diva behavior. I don't care if she does have all the awards in the world and a once-five-octave-range, she is no better than anyone else. She doesn't need to act like she's the queen of the world. She also needs to stop blasting artists that have been in the business longer than she has, and know what they're really doing. She says Madonna used to be popular when she was in seventh grade. Honey, Madonna is STILL popular. She's just taken time off to raise her children, be with her husband, take care of herself. I commend Madonna for that, most definitely. Madonna has re-invented herself so many times, and yes, Madonna had her flop ("American Life,") but she's some back strong with "Confessions On A Dancefloor." Looks like Mariah is eating her own words about Madonna, just like she said all her "Glitter" critics would eat theirs.

She also needs to start dressing like she's 36. I'd like to see her, instead of gowns cut up to the hip and cut down as low as one could go without FCC blurs on the TV, in things more conservative. Jeans, maybe a cami top with a blazer and a pair of pumps/heels. I think Mariah Carey would look great in that. No, she has to go out and show EVERYTHING she's got to the world in tiny little skirts and bikini tops. I know she wanted to try to sexualize her image after years of it being suppressed by her ex-husband, but she's just taken it TOO FAR. She's 36 years old. She doesn't need to be prancing around in an outfit that she's FALLING OUT OF.

Instead of trying to be 20 again and trying to prove she still has "The Voice" (which that title could be disputed anyway, seeing as how there are so many GREAT singers out there today and she's not the only singer who can reach whistle notes and Barry White tones), she should be trying to prove that she's grown as an artist and as a person since then, through her music, dress, and through her attitude.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


OK, this women OFFICIALLY annoys me. I can't stand her. Sure, she may be pretty, sure she may be hot, sure she may be blonde, and rich, and Nicole Richie's ex-best friend, but I don't care. She annoys me. She's a celebutant - basically, famous for being famous. She's never done anything to deserve fame. And her new music? Please honey. You already ruined my magazines, television, and P2P networks, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't invade my CD player too!

More advice for Paris: enough pink. Pink this, pink that. The color pink is so boring for a girl. Now when a guy wears it, that's another story. That's being bold. When you wear it, it makes me want to vomit.

My cousin my be one of her biggest fans, but me? I can't stand her. I never hated anyone...so I don't hate Paris...but I really can't stand her. She's too annoying. Maybe I've overused the word "annoying" here, but you get the picture. And as if Paris is a real role model anyway? Yeah, right, a role model for who? FUTURE "VIVID" ENTERTAINERS?!?!

Most of you Paris lovers are gonna be like, "You're just jealous." Well, maybe I am jealous of the size-0-pretty-in-pink-oh-so-blonde Paris, just a TINY little bit, but I still despise her, tiny jealousy factor or not.

Now, back to "Lovespring International"...something actually WORTH watching.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who are you to define me?

Oh my gosh, I'm, like, TOTALLY a poser!

OK, not really. But...

If I wear a skirt and a cute little top, while listening to Christina Aguilera, I'm a poser prep.

If I were to wear a pair of pants with chains and an Atreyu shirt, I'd be a poser goth.

If I were to wear funky printed pants, five hundred different colors in my hair, and listen to the Sex Pistols, I'd be a poser punk.

If I were to buy a skateboard, wear Adio, Etnies, DCs, and listen to AFI, I'd be a poser skater.

If I were to wear baggy pants, a South Pole tee shirt and walk around listening to Tupac all day, I'd be a poser thug/gangsta.

If I were to wear thick-rimmed glasses, listen to Taking Back Sunday, and have the flippy thingy in my hair, I'd be a poser emo kid.

If I were to walk around in work boots all day, with ripped up jeans, and a Rebel flag tee shirt listening to Alan Jackson, I'd be a poser redneck.

So...what exactly am I supposed to be? Look at my wardrobe. Look at my CD collection. Look at my lyrics...my artwork...my poetry...and try to define me. You know what? You'll find out that you can't. You can't place me in one label due to what I wear, what I listen to, what I write. You just can't label me. I'm not a can of soup. I'm not a pair of jeans. You can't label me!!!

Anything that I am, I'd be a poser. But what exactly is a poser? When you get into that kinda stuff, whether it be goth, punk, skater, thug, redneck, emo...what exactly defines the true ones and a poser? I am who I am. And if I'm everything one can imaginably, fathomly be, then so be it. Who says I have to fit one label? Who says my playlist on the computer cannot consist of Tim McGraw, AFI, KRS-One, and White Zombie? Who says I can't wear the skirt one day and the baggy jeans the next? Who says I'm not allowed to learn how to skateboard?

In other words...WHO ARE YOU TO